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About EarthOpsTM Who we are and what we're doing

Our Company ("EarthOps") is a cutting-edge platform for corporate, governmental, and organizational customers to work together for a healthy planet. We're creating one place to connect and manage all the dots of the environmental sustainability supply chain globally. EarthOps is based in Detroit, Michigan, and our team has a strong track record when it comes to solving environmental challenges large and small.

EarthOps was founded in 2023 by Keith Zendler, a pioneer in the recycling and solid waste management industry with over 35 years of experience. In working with numerous corporate and governmental environmental leaders, Zendler observed that they were overwhelmed trying to keep up with the environmental management and reporting needs of their customers, shareholders, and stakeholders. He saw that they needed a comprehensive and convenient way to share best practices, train employees, manage activities, and report data. By leveraging collaboration technology that he successfully developed and used for similar companies in the community development and waste management spaces, EarthOps was soon born.

Certainly, there is a global need to better coordinate the various environmental initiatives by countless governments, companies, organizations, and individuals. This represents a tremendous opportunity to create the world’s first environmental network!

Our Heart

Our mission and heart for preserving our natural environment and helping people around the world live in clean communities will always stay the same. We believe our successes in providing and using our technology here in the United States simultaneously provide the technology, resources and momentum needed for developing nations around the planet. We are truly doing this for a world of good and hope you join us by choosing EarthOps to manage your environmental initiatives for your company, organization or city. By working together here with this global community of leaders, you will change the world!

Our Leadership

Keith Zendler CEO & Founder
Avtar Gour CTO
Okey Uche SVP, International Growth
Gina McGee Business Development

Join our EarthOpsTM mission for a healthy planet!

We see an unprecedented opportunity to connect our world’s leaders, companies, governments, organizations, and citizens to achieve a green and clean planet. It’s already happening in amazing ways! If you’d like to join our mission as an investor, sponsor, strategic partner or employee, we’d love to talk! Please call us at +1 (313) 865-1264 or email us