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How to use EarthOpsTM to create a healthy planet

Get setup

  1. 1

    Create an account by first creating your individual profile

  2. 2Create a Page for your company, government or organization. Be sure to apply to get "Verified" so your posts can show publicly.
  3. 3Create Topics for different issues and subjects you are focused on or want to share information about.
  4. 4Take the power of EarthOpsTM everywhere by downloading our app in the Apple Store or Google Play

Share information with your employees, vendors, customers and community stakeholders

  1. 1Create News & Info posts to share press releases, documents, blogs from your leadership, or other information.
  2. 2Promote your conferences, meetings, trainings, outreach, and fundraisers by posting Events.
  3. 3Download the Browser Button and easily post articles you find on the web on your Topics.

Connect with other leaders and organizations locally and globally

  1. 1Explore our Directory to connect with leaders and organizations to share news, best practices, documents, and valuable information.
  2. 2Check your Home activity feed daily to see what the leaders and organizations you follow are doing.
  3. 3Get the latest news and events in News & Info to see what's happening around the world.

Take collaboration to the next level

  1. 1Create public or private Groups for each initiative, team, board, committee or issue you want to collaborate with others about.
  2. 2Upload your environmental best practices and SOP’s in Procedures and assign to employees, vendors, and other stakeholders.
  3. 3Explore the Innovation Hub to find and copy best practices from other entities worldwide on various environmental issues.
  4. 4Automate and track procedures and tasks by creating Actions that you can assign to group members or member companies and organizations.
  5. 5Privately message individual or group members regarding actions and initiatives in your Inbox.
  6. 6Create Courses from your procedures to train members and stakeholders on the things you want them to know and capture valuable data on knowledge growth.
  7. 7Seamlessly map, collect, aggregate, and analyze data from activities on our platform and externally using Codes.

Build your audience and impact

  1. 1Upload your Contacts to Invite your colleagues, strategic partners, friends, and stakeholders to follow your Pages and join your Groups.
  2. 2Share invites and posts to your Facebook, X and LinkedIn audiences to get them more connected to you.

Enjoy rewards and motivate your members

  1. 1As we all communicate, learn, and collaborate on EarthOpsTM, we earn points for EarthPerks®!
  2. 2Redeem points for food, beverages, tickets, and environmentally beneficial products and services.
  3. 3You can create Offers for goods and services your company or organization will sponsor for EarthPerks® to support environmentally positive activities.
  4. 4Take rewards for a healthy planet to the next level by creating an EarthPerks® program for initiatives outside of the EarthOps platform (email us).

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